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Ändra/stänga paket och rum

Applying changes to the package overview
In this overview you can overwrite the price and the allotment field for each day. N.B.: changes are
saved immediately upon entry!
You can change the status (open or closed) per date in this package overview by clicking on the
status box. N.B.: Here, too, changes are saved immediately, as soon as they are made. As an
additional aid, the status box also has a colour.
Red = not available for sale
White = available for sale
Orange = available for sale, but no allotment has been entered, consequently the package will not
appear online.


Amend details for a longer period
If you want to apply the same change to a longer period, you can do so by clicking on
!!!ppa_modifiy_long_period!!!. The pop-up below will appear, in which you can set the period and
changes. If you only want to change the price and not the allotment, leave the allotment field blank.
Vice versa is also possible.

Advanced overview
Within this overview you have the option of viewing the price, the allotment or the status only, or, by
clicking on you can view all restriction possibilities of the package.
You also have the option here of applying additional restrictions for a longer period.

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