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Erbjudanden och rum

This tab sheet gives you an overview of all the stockitems (packages) that are loaded non-dynamically for your hotel on our site. You can load your own arrangements here so that HotelSpecials will be
able to offer them on its site. Finally, you can also indicate here your participation in HotelSpecials Permanent Specials.

The overview is subdivided as follows:
· Rooms
Showing all the room types that you offer via HotelSpecials with the relevant details per type
· Packages
Showing your hotel arrangements that you supply via HotelSpecials with the relevant details per
· Standard & Seasonal Specials
Showing which HotelSpecials Permanent and Seasonal Specials your hotel participates in with the
relevant details per special.

Notification of changes
For the elements Temporary deals, Rooms and Standard and Seasonal Specials, the hotel may only apply
changes in the details that relate to the single supplement and three-person supplement as well as the
supplements for including children in the rooms. Changes to price and availability can be entered under
the “Overview” tab sheet. For any other changes or for the addition/removal of a specific package you
should contact your account manager.

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