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Creating a new arrangement

To create a new arrangement, click on “Create new arrangement” in the menu bar.

Fill in all the fields with the specifications of the arrangement that you wish to create. For more
information on the meanings and operation of all the fields, see “Changing an arrangement”.

N.B.: At Prices & Supplements, under Standard Price p.p. you should enter the standard price per person
for the entire duration of the arrangement and not per person per night.
For example: You create an arrangement for 3 nights, for which the price per room, per night is €50.
Therefore, in total this arrangement costs €150 per room for the 3 nights. Under “Standard price p.p.”
you should therefore enter €75.

Any changes you make will only be saved when you click on “Save”. If you leave this page without
clicking on “Save”, your changes will not take effect and everything will remain as it was.

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