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Ändra ett paket

Click on the Change icon shown after the relevant package. A screen showing all the details of the
arrangement will open. Enter any changes.
Name: Name of the arrangement; this should consist of a maximum of 40 characters
Description: Description of the arrangement; indicate line by line what the guest will receive when he
books this arrangement. For example:
2x nights in a standard room
2x breakfast for 2 persons in our breakfast room
1 day free use of the sauna and swimming pool
1x welcome cocktail for 2 persons in our bar
Other information: This field is not mandatory and you can use it for general information, for
example about the opening times of the attraction for which tickets are included in the arrangement.
However, this information is not shown on the confirmation issued to the guest.
Type: Select the group that is most applicable. Your arrangement will be found by the consumer
under this group on our site.
Number of nights: The number of nights included in this arrangement.
Choice of availability: Allotment/ Open Sell/ On request
Allotment: If you choose this option, you can indicate per date the maximum number of
rooms you wish to sell for this arrangement. You can always change these numbers in the
overview screen after creating a package.
Open sell: If you choose this option, you are saying that this arrangement can be booked
without limit until you change the status for a specific date from open to closed.
On request: If you choose this option, the guest cannot make a reservation online, and can only
make a request for a reservation. The booking will only be made following acceptance of the
reservation by the hotel. N.B.: This option will make your arrangement much less
attractive to the guest and will automatically result in fewer bookings. You should also accept or
reject the request within 24 hours of receipt of the request.
Release days: If the arrangement must be booked at least 3 days in advance of arrival, enter 3 here.
Arrival days: Tick here the days of the week on which it is possible to arrive at your hotel on the basis of
this arrangement. N.B.: If you create a dinner arrangement and your restaurant is closed on
Sunday evenings, you should not tick Saturday and Sunday here.
Rates & surcharges: Tick what is applicable. N.B.: the surcharge entered here is per arrangement and not per night.
Breakfast: Select what is applicable. The price for breakfast that you enter here is per person per
Rates Children: Tick what is applicable. N.B.: the supplement entered here is per child per
arrangement, and not per child per night.
N.B.: Price & allotment changes for a package after a package has been created can only be applied in
the “Overview” tab.

Any changes you make will only be saved when you click on “Save”. If you leave this page without
clicking on “Save”, your changes will not take effect and everything will remain as it was.

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